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Friday, September 7, 2018

What do you think of positive affirmations & gratitude journaling? Do they help?

If you walk pass my one of my colleague's desk or cubicle you wont miss it. It's "decorated full of positive affirmations of all sizes. Some in very pretty postcards, others in small tiny cards. The messages are pretty diverse, but all very positive, inspirational & encouraging. We always wonder if it helps. She has been the same since day Intense & quick to snap at her boy friend. She's very nice to us though. Maybe he deserves it. I know guys can be very annoying.

Then we noticed something else on her desk the other day. She has a book of some kind. It says Gratitude Journal on the outside. Wow !!! It's trending I guess. People are keeping them. Not sure if things like these works. The encouragement is there I guess, but how much of it will seep in? I ask her about it & she let me have a peep. It's cute.

She'll note something small on it everyday. Things like "I am grateful that there's no traffic jam today" or yesterday's entry was " I'm grateful that I can share this with my friend " that would be me!

Should I keep one as well?
It wont hurt I guess.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Do you have problem sleeping?

Do you have problem sleeping like I do?
A friend told me, to change all my bed sheets to white ! I go huh ???? Where's the connection? She said, noticed how the hotel bedroom sheets are always white? Yes, but I always thought it's probably due to the laundry issue. As in, it's easier to clean white sheets- if they are dirty , you just wash them with bleach. With colored sheets, once they are used often, the color will start fading & very quickly they'll looked old. Also if you bleach them, they will look 'very used' as well! Hotels definitely don't want that!
Anyway, shouldn't colors like blue or even green be more soothing & calming?
She said she had read it somewhere. Hmmm.... I prefer my bed sheets with nice soothing colors & design.
Plain White would be too stark for me.

Something like this would be nice:))

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Poor Megahan Markle for having to tolerate her idiotic half-brother Thomas Markle Jr.

I'm sure by now you would have heard of the coming Royal wedding between Prince Harry & Meghan Markle. Well as with everything wonderful & nice there's always someone whose jealous & who'll try to sabotage it.

In this case that would be Meghan Markle's idiotic half brother Thomas Markle Junior. He had sent a letter to Prince Harry, asking him to cancel the wedding, plus saying a bunch of nasty things about Meghan. It's all in the news now. Poor Meghan.... such an embarrassment! Can't you be happy for your own sister? She's marrying into the royal family .... you know how exciting & dreamy that is ? The act itself reflects what a Total Loser he is!

Now he apologized & wanted to be invited to the wedding, can you believe that ? Well That kicks off the topic of our conversation yesterday. Boss was not coming in, so we were free to discuss world  It's between the Malaysian election which is full of twist & turns & Meghan Markle's idiotic half brother. Haha.... guess who wins the "scumbag" of the day?

We all agree, Thomas Markle Jr is indeed the greatest Scumbag , maybe of the month or the year 2018  !!!!

The beautiful Meghan in Suits !!! Love the show!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

You can't change someone who dosen't see an issue in their actions

I've recently joined a new yoga class with Joyce my friend. She has finally decided to start taking up yoga @ the cc near her place. So to support her, I went over to join her. It's a small class but the mix is good. The ladies were all really nice. After class they like to hang around & chit chat a little which I thought was fun. The ones I go to before, we just pack up & go after class. So this new thing was fun for me.

Last week we stayed longer & I get to know them better. Jenny (not her real name ...haha ... I thought she looks like a Jenny) shared that she's content with being single in her late 40s. She said after a long marriage followed by a couple of relationships, she has found happiness in being on her own. I found that to be extremely powerful! And here we are going all hype when the bf didn't call. She's such a sweet heart- I told her so.

She has such good advice for us too. " You can't change someone who dosen't see an issue in their actions." She said she didn't leave her husband for making too many mistakes, she left because he made the same mistake too many times.
Kudos girl !

So cute right? Do yoga , it's good for yo !!!

Saturday, March 31, 2018

A source of anxiety

The firm where my colleague's ( Lili)  husband works brought in a new female manager, and he seems to be lunching with her  almost everyday. He told Lili, they are working on a project together, she's "divorced and very nice". Lili & her husband has been married for 7 relatively happy years & now she's feeling threatened.

She ask me today should she ask her husband not to go lunch with his new female colleague again? Told her : NOOOOO............

Insisting he don't lunch with that lady does 3 unfortunate things: It says she don't trust him. It'll be awkward for him. Plus he might just continue doing it anyway & now he'll lie about it !

What then? Kim ,another colleague suggest she "hint" about the seven year itch. Say casually even a faithful husband would be slightly tempted just as a trusting wife can be a little insecure over these daily lunches. But we all thought before she even do any of this, she should make it a point to meet this very nice divorce lady.

Who knows- we might even think of a very nice divorce man for her????

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

All I want for Christmas is ......

I am not rich or very fabulous but I do have everything. Good health, a good job, nice house to stay in, good family & friends.

So this Christmas, I only want to have a tiny waist. I have lost much weight & I have manage to maintain my weight quite well. But I just don't seem to lose at the waist. It's thick & awful. My friends said it's fine, looks OK. I don't know maybe I'm just paranoid.

For my colleagues, I'm doing this DIY gift for everyone. Saw this online, such a good idea & wont break the bank:))

Friday, October 27, 2017

Guilinggao is good for complexion ...haha..

Last week I was having lunch with my colleagues at Crystal Jade Kitchen, Taka. When it's time for dessert, the waitress recommended we try the black turtle/tortoise jelly aka Guilinggao.

I have never try that before. It's popular in Hong Kong & it's supposedly good for complexion. We are suckers for anything that's marketed that way the 4 of us ordered one each.

 Hmmm.. it tasted strange, a little bitter but the honey makes it ok. After a while, the strange taste grew on me. Upon returning from lunch, I was still thinking of it. Yesterday I couldn't take it anymore, we went back to Crystal Jade & can't wait for dessert
Go try it:)