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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Another reason why we shouldn't have too many kids !

The other day I bump into an old friend, & would you believe, she do not remember me! I cant understand, I'm like quite "outstanding" in school- though for all the wrong reasons, but still. She apologized & finally ... she remember. Her excuse, she has just given birth & her memory & brain seems to be getting a bit off, really????? It's known to happen. Time to take care of your brain then, experts recommend:

1. Do puzzles: to increase creative thinking, the cerebrum needs exercise.

2. Just 2 glasses of wine a day can improve cognition.

3.Fresh food like sashim, vegetables optimize brain function!

4.And water speeds up brain function. When the brain dehydrates, it releases a hormone that shrinks the tree liker branches in the brain that store info.

Well you can try. For my friend, I'm not sure what's going to happen after her next!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Gecko Strumming A Leaf

Friends are always sending me pictures of frogs & geckos because they thought it's my thing
Well here's one of them :)) Sweet isn't it ?

Saturday, June 3, 2017

How to reduce white hair?

I can't believe it, I'm barely old enough to be married, yet I'm spotting strains of white hair on my head !!!! Is it due to stress ? This happened to my friend after she studied for her MBA. No more exams for the rest of her life, she said.

But what about me? My work I guess, it's pretty stressful! Then another friend recommended I start taking Taiwan Black, brown rice! Yes, & she swear by it. Her aunt took it & it works ....hmmm..... I've ordered a packet from her.  Not sure where she bought it from, I'm sure you can find it in some organic stalls all over town. Here's how it looks.

Looks like this after cooking
Apparently you just add it to your usual white rice & cook it as per normal in your rice cooker. Well I'll be trying it soon. Just thought I share this information. Can you imagine all the money we can save from dying our hair at the salon !

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Please don't ask for help until you've googled it

My new Boss has a soft spot for our new cleaning lady. The new Boss just join us this year & he brought along the 'new cleaning lady' from his last place of employment. I heard, they have been working together for more than 10 years, span across 3 different company, she's like a mother to him! I know it's odd, but stranger things have happened.

New Cleaning lady has a son, Ken, who has just graduated last year, & my New Boss had hired him to join us. Just a week with us & he's driving all of us mad. Mandy the most senior among us is questioning our local teaching standards now Why is NUS churning out people like Ken? I don't blame her. There's something not quite right with him. He asked the weirdest questions. E.g.

1. Can we eat sweets at out desk?
2. Does anyone takes off their shoes under the desk?
3. Has any clients physically harm any of us?
4. Can employees physically defend himself if a client will to slap him/her for no reason?

Mandy got so mad with the latest question this morning, that she told him " Please don't ask for help until you've googled it !". He said "sorry" & quickly left the room, probably to look for his mother. Well at least he's polite, hope he didn't cry in the toilet!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

What's my indulgence?

It's tough when you are always watching your diet. What to do, to remain slim you just have to do that. But sometimes I give myself "cheat days" . What's my indulgence?

Yes it's crabs! All kinds of crabs, Chilli crabs, black pepper crabs, hairy crabs, crabs legs ....I love them all. The only thing I don't like is the latest- salted egg crab. Salted-egg anything is fine but I just don't think salted egg goes with crabs.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Fire Escape Hood

Just came back from a trip to China. See what I found in one of the hotels!
Yes it's a Fire Escape Hood I know, I've never seen anything like this before, in any hotel ! It's so unusual, many of us actually thought of opening it up & see what's it like. But in the end we decided against that. Anyway, it's really cute :)

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Prima taste, Laksa: you need to try it !

Friday night I was very hungry & too lazy to go out for food. Nobody's home, so I thought I'll just cook some instant noodles. Mum always has a few varieties stock up as all of us have our personal favorite. Mine is the mee goreng kind. Open the kitchen cabinet & it's fully stock but only of one kind of noodles!
Where's my mee goreng? I cant believe it, texted mum. She said give this laksa a try. Text my sister to complain & she text back. 'If heaven has a taste, this is it!' Hmmm.... no choice, I try it & like they said , the rest is history. Today I even check if we need to replenish as I've eaten twice already & I saw my sister & dad eating it yesterday! I'm right, I better go down to the stores to get MORE