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Monday, February 1, 2016

Dont ever snack during this time of the day - The Fat Hour

Have you watch the program "Kids said the darndest Things?" It's a very old & successful show where they show kids saying cute things. That show is fun, & kids do say the cutest things. Sometimes adults too? My colleague for one, is always providing us with the humor we need to survive through the most boring day .

Today at 10:30am, he announced that we should not go for tea, so no  According to him between 10:30 & 11:30 is the FAT hour! Didn't we know? Of course not ! When you snack at this time vs other times, this will keep your metabolism working. The short interval between this timing & lunch , sets up an expectation of eating at the same intervals throughout the rest of the day. Since there's an 'expectation' of eating, the desire of eating will sets in & we might just go ahead & snack at these "intervals". We could be setting ourselves up for habitual snacking throughout the day !!!!! so more calories are consumed in total.

If you think about it, besides the funny name "Fat Hour", the argument does make a little sense. But not taking tea breaks...... no way ! We suspect he's trying to impress our boss by 'motivating us to work through tea breaks".

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