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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Is Obesity related to your genes?

Had a class gathering over the weekend. Have not seen some of my x classmates for years now. Doris just came back after staying abroad for years. So we thought it's a very good excuse to meet up & catch up.

Wow... some of us has changed.  Doris especially, she looked like a different person. We had a good time & Doris somehow had to explain why & how she got to have double her size. Well she has never been skinny in school, but this is different. She told us this is because fat runs in the family.Is that even possible? We were all divided on this issue.

Seriously, one shouldn't blame the genes right??? Someone from our group started googling for
answers It appears being active lowers a person's genetic risk of obesity. Ha... that we all agree on :)) Then another friend told me to pass Doris some of my panbesy It seems everyone knows I took slimming pills for slimming:((

Goodness, told them I don't have to take them anymore as I'm maintaining my weight quite successfully by living a more active life. See it's true I'm the best testimony to that. Yes slimming medicine like panbesy & duromine helps you lose the weight, but maintaining is all up to you after. By that time Doris is kinda looking at me hopefully Finally I gave her my doc's contact. She'll be here for a month, & she could go back a different person. She's hoping for that :))

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