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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Please don't ask for help until you've googled it

My new Boss has a soft spot for our new cleaning lady. The new Boss just join us this year & he brought along the 'new cleaning lady' from his last place of employment. I heard, they have been working together for more than 10 years, span across 3 different company, she's like a mother to him! I know it's odd, but stranger things have happened.

New Cleaning lady has a son, Ken, who has just graduated last year, & my New Boss had hired him to join us. Just a week with us & he's driving all of us mad. Mandy the most senior among us is questioning our local teaching standards now Why is NUS churning out people like Ken? I don't blame her. There's something not quite right with him. He asked the weirdest questions. E.g.

1. Can we eat sweets at out desk?
2. Does anyone takes off their shoes under the desk?
3. Has any clients physically harm any of us?
4. Can employees physically defend himself if a client will to slap him/her for no reason?

Mandy got so mad with the latest question this morning, that she told him " Please don't ask for help until you've googled it !". He said "sorry" & quickly left the room, probably to look for his mother. Well at least he's polite, hope he didn't cry in the toilet!