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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Thank Goodness the Whitening jab works for me!!! Yay!!

I've finish all my jabs now, haha too lazy to blog abt them.
This month has too many holidays.... I'm getting a bit lazy!!!!!

I see a slight change in my legs & hands/arms now.
I Think it's getting fairer, just a little.
But it's interesting.
My friends came over to my place to "examine"

Under close scrutiny, they all agree there's a slight change & all agree it's faster than using lightening creams.
What's good here is, the whole body gets it!
I love for my legs to get fairer, it's so much nicer when I put on shorts!!!
My hands also takes on a lighter tone.
My face ....hmmmm.... I feel it's not fair enough.....hahhaa......
Well it's no miracle..... I cant expect MJ whiteness with just $ 1000- !!!! hahhaa......

My friends all "claim" to be interested now.
They are the usual "watchers", the "side-liners" people who watches from the side and NEVER do anything!!!! we'll see if they really do it.
Anyway I dont care, at least they are supportive of this!
Can you imagine having a bunch of friends who only give negative feedbacks?
Sigh.... that'll be so sad!

So what's next???
I dont know.... I'll probably do the maintenace jab, that's once a month  & see how...

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Finally tried the Vitamin C whitening injection

6/7/2012 (1st jab)

Made appointment to see Dr Keith at night after work.
My friend had wanted to come along but I didnt let her.
She make too many comments & I dont need that now.
Dr was patient & explained .... I was surprise the jab was so fast & no pain.
I feel the cooling sensation some bloggers have experienced it's quite unusual & pleasant.
I feel ok. I think I look brighter, more radiant...haha.... I got the package.

2/8/2012 (2nd jab)

No time to blog. Busy through the week, didnt have time to think much of the jab.
I didnt look much different after the first jab.
I'll just need to be patient I guess.
Same old same old... Had the jab, this time I think my face does look brighter than before..
Dr warned me that if expectations are too high, I'll be disappointed, & I have to combine this with some discipline as to stay out of the sun ,put sun block etc etc....
Got it!

I went out & ask the nurses outside how I looked , they cheerfully said "wonderful, fairer!!!" haha... abit of marketing there, I should know, I'm the expert!... patience...


At work, a girl from another department came to see me for something, what she said to me makes my day!
She went like.." what happen to you huh? you look different... since when you are so fair!!!!!" Seriously... am I?
I cant believe what she said!!!!!
I thought I look the same!
Maybe the doctor is right, my expectations is preventing me from seeing the change!
Welll i'm loving it now!!!
 One thing for sure I cant trust my own eyes anymore!!!