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Friday, October 19, 2012

Environment for weight loss

There's a study on people who managed to lose weight & keep it off . The study found that besides the obvious more mindful eating habits, the environment seems to play a part! It was found that  their homes had the following characteristics;

1. the presence of activity equipment
2. little to no high fat food
3.Fewer TVs or non at all.
Guess cultivating an environment that helps maintain your weight loss is as important as shedding the weight in the first place.


  1. Hmmmm.... my sister has a TV in the living room, a TV in her "TV room"- yes she has a room for TV! A Tv in each of her 2 kids bedroom. A TV in her master bedroom! Her whole family is indeed on the heavy side!

    Everyone is snacking while watching!

    1. Goodness that's alot of TVs in a house!!!! That's bad !!!

  2. I have a small tv in my room, so I sit on my bed & watch tv alot. It's a very bad position the middle of my body is all cramp up. I got big tummy & feel uncomfortable all the time. I really want to lose weight!

    1. Ya, crouching like that is very bad- better try to sit up straight!!!