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Monday, December 17, 2012

Ever thought of going vegetarian?

Those who pursue it  are usually motivated by ethics  (e.g. not wanting animals to suffer) , the environment, or by health reasons (e.g. to increase longevity and vitality, as exemplified in studies of cultures that regularly consume fewer animal products).

 Plus  there’s a lot of evidence that a diet heavy in meat and dairy (especially non-organic) is connected to a wide range of diseases, including heart disease, stroke, cancer & other popular diseases.
For many concerned about the state of the environment, a vegan diet, which uses fewer resources, just makes sense. There is a ton of evidence from all kinds of researchers that agriculture and food production, particularly in animal agriculture, is the number one cause of climate change. It’s far worse than driving a car or having incandescent light bulbs.

So every time we have a meal, we can choose not to have meat that came from a factory farm, or to have local, organic tofu instead of chicken. They’re really easy changes to make.

For some, however, the appeal of a vegan diet is the promise of weight loss. Haha… & that will be  ME!!!!!!


  1. I tot of, but I get hungry fast!!!!

  2. Never, I love anything roasted well - shiok !!! LOL

  3. I think going vegetarian is a very good idea. It's humane.