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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ever wonder which country has the fattest people on the average???

This report is done 2 years ago  : The estimates were compiled by using data from around the world to figure out body mass indexes and average height distributions. This number was multiplied by the population size to figure out the total mass or biomass. The average world body mass was 137 pounds.
The Fattest Nations
1. United States  2. Kuwait   3. Croatia   4. Qatar  5. Egypt
The Thinnest Nations
1. North Korea  2. Cambodia  3. Burundi  4. Nepal  5. Democratic Republic of Congo
According to the study, more than one tenth of the world population is obese, “The rise is being driven by increasing urbanisation, the growth of sedentary, office-based lifestyles and the substitution of Western-style fast foods for traditional diets.”
The study concluded that rising populations and rising rates of obesity spell trouble when it comes to feeding an ever growing population. Especially when you look at the other end of the spectrum, at the countries that due to political and economic strife can’t seem to feed their people.



  1. How would they know North Korea has the thinnest people. As if they can actually go there to survey?