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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Argument against Vegetarian!!!

If you mention you want to be or you are a vegetarian, it’ll  trigger an automatic anti-vegetable defense system in some people. I don't know why the idea of a vegetarian diet is offensive, but most vegetarians would agree with me that some people simply will not pass up an opportunity to start an argument against vegetarianism. Ok I’m not totally turning into a full pledge veg ….

But it sure is  frustrating with  some  of these arguments, which are so ridiculous- it’s hilarious!!!!!
This one I’ve just heard from my bestie!!!!
Plants can feel too, you know.
 She argue that plants are able to feel pain and emotion too, so I'm being a hypocrite by torturing poor little bean spouts!!!!  Is this argument even sound ?  True is  Plants have no central nervous system, and most scientists agree that plants don't think or feel pain, although they do respond to stimuli. That being said, many vegetarians agree that the purposeless killing of anything is wrong, and that includes plants.
What about  nutrition??? You might not get enough from veg!
 In all fairness, this argument  is somewhat understandable because of the long-standing human belief that meat is essential for a good diet. In reality, meat-based diets are slowly becoming obsolete as researchers are uncovering how vegetarianism is a much healthier option.
Lots of people are suffering, don’t you think we should worry abt them first before animals????
Fact is a vegetarian diet consumes no more time, money, or effort than a meat-based diet. I realized this argument was just an excuse, since being a vegetarian has no effect on how much you can help other humans. For example, I would never deny help to an old lady crossing the street just because there are starving children in Africa!
 I have heard plenty of arguments against vegetarianism since I’m “thinking of” changing my diet. Some are understandable while others are completely ridiculous. Until now, I have yet to hear a single good reason for the average person not to consume a vegetarian diet.

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