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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Do you have any idea what's "Fat Talk" ?

Fat talk is simply a normal everyday conversation with your friends or colleagues , when suddenly
one started complaining about how fat she has become or how her tummy is protruding out & the rest start chipping in with their own complaints. Well after expressing yourself, you should be feeling better right? Unfortunately the answer is NO !Think about it, how can you feel better when you've just pay more attention to the part you dislike most?

Studies have shown, it 'll make you feel depressed & demoralize everyone else. It's like a bad habit we cant get rid of. We do it all the time :(  Even for those of us who are slim, or who have lost weight, we will still complain , never satisfy. Frankly it wont motivate anyone into adopting a healthier life style

Since it's so discouraging, why dont we do something about it?  Well we might not be able to control most things, but this we can. Next time you want to "complain " about your body, STOP ! You are doing your friends & yourself a favor :))

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