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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Finally tried the Vitamin C whitening injection

6/7/2012 (1st jab)

Made appointment to see Dr Keith at night after work.
My friend had wanted to come along but I didnt let her.
She make too many comments & I dont need that now.
Dr was patient & explained .... I was surprise the jab was so fast & no pain.
I feel the cooling sensation some bloggers have experienced it's quite unusual & pleasant.
I feel ok. I think I look brighter, more radiant...haha.... I got the package.

2/8/2012 (2nd jab)

No time to blog. Busy through the week, didnt have time to think much of the jab.
I didnt look much different after the first jab.
I'll just need to be patient I guess.
Same old same old... Had the jab, this time I think my face does look brighter than before..
Dr warned me that if expectations are too high, I'll be disappointed, & I have to combine this with some discipline as to stay out of the sun ,put sun block etc etc....
Got it!

I went out & ask the nurses outside how I looked , they cheerfully said "wonderful, fairer!!!" haha... abit of marketing there, I should know, I'm the expert!... patience...


At work, a girl from another department came to see me for something, what she said to me makes my day!
She went like.." what happen to you huh? you look different... since when you are so fair!!!!!" Seriously... am I?
I cant believe what she said!!!!!
I thought I look the same!
Maybe the doctor is right, my expectations is preventing me from seeing the change!
Welll i'm loving it now!!!
 One thing for sure I cant trust my own eyes anymore!!!


  1. I'm interested after reading your account!
    You still on maintenace with this jab?

  2. You did the right thing, I understand!
    Most of my friends are very negative too !!!!
    If I go for this, I'll never tell them!
    All wet blanket!!!

    1. Not necessary, most of my friends are supportive! Really depends on the group!

    2. Isle thanks for
      MayK you are lucky to have supportive friends0 treasure them well!

  3. If i'm a fair skin, yellow based, and go for this whitening jap, what would be the outcome? And how much per jap? Am interested!

    1. Very sorry Marye for the late reply.
      Your out come would probably be: radiance to your fairness, skin will become smoother, yellow tone will turn lighter. Any dry skin will improve.
      Package of 6 jabs = $1000

  4. Hi snow frog! I was thinking of going for the jab. But im quite tan. Recently i started having acne and that left lots of marks on both my cheeks.
    I have an indian friend who was very very tan. Now she is comparable to a chinese. Not exaggerating! But of course she doesnt want to say how she became fair. But she has a pinkish undertone after the transformation..on photos she looks a bit like plastic...anyway how fast you u see the results? How about bleaching? Really appreciate your help.

    1. The results naturally is different for everyone as our tone differs. If you are very tan, it might take longer. My results was quite fast - very lucky!
      Just remember when you start the jabs, stay out of the sun.
      I don't recommend bleaching at all. It'll spoil the skin- your skin will become too sensitive after I think:(
      Good luck !