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Thursday, August 27, 2015

A pet or a plant ?

What do you think, should I get a pet or a plant? I post this question to my friends & they were divided. Obviously having a plant is easier in terms of caring. But a pet, wow it's so much cuter but a ton of effort is needed.

A puppy is a daring but toilet training???? I have a couple of my friends even given up on that. One has a dog who can pee on the Pee-tray but not poo. The dog will poo everywhere around the house! They are always afraid they might accidentally step on a poo at night. Thank God they have successfully "timed" her poo time - that's once everyday after lunch.... that's after about a year.

For those dogs who pee everywhere & if you have marble flooring, that's a big issue. As the pee will stain the porous flooring ! Also they chew on things. Another friend's puppy chew on her Iphone charger wire & spoil it
naturally ! Then one puppy, chew on a colleague's wall ! A wall? Yes that's right! They could be quite destructive! My mum is totally against it, cos she knows eventually she'll be the one who'll have to look after it.

I guess for now I'll just have to settle for a plant then ....But which plant ?

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  1. Get a money plant, requires almost no care & grow profusely ,plus the name is very auspicious