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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Prima taste, Laksa: you need to try it !

Friday night I was very hungry & too lazy to go out for food. Nobody's home, so I thought I'll just cook some instant noodles. Mum always has a few varieties stock up as all of us have our personal favorite. Mine is the mee goreng kind. Open the kitchen cabinet & it's fully stock but only of one kind of noodles!
Where's my mee goreng? I cant believe it, texted mum. She said give this laksa a try. Text my sister to complain & she text back. 'If heaven has a taste, this is it!' Hmmm.... no choice, I try it & like they said , the rest is history. Today I even check if we need to replenish as I've eaten twice already & I saw my sister & dad eating it yesterday! I'm right, I better go down to the stores to get MORE

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