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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Older people aren't appreciate enough for their experience & perspective.

Which is the month people generally quit? After bonus that's for sure. Also I guess people do wait till after Feb as that's a short month & major holidays like Chinese New year are usually around that time.

But August ?  this month we suddenly see a bigger than expected exodus of staff. OK I probably shouldn't put it that way as the 3 staff that left are nearing retirement age. One of them actually told me, she was being 'asked nicely' to go!- "out with the old' that's how she puts it.

I often feel that older people aren't appreciate enough for their experience & perspective. There's too much sweeping away of the "OLD" in our culture. And as we get older, many of us experience the feeling of being marginalized or sidelined, simply because of our age. The OLD are always with us, as are those who are no longer alive, whether they are pets or parents or grandparents. We don't stop loving them, nor do we stop remembering them.

Nothing OLD need to be swept aside , to make room for the NEW. There's plenty of room in for all of us. And all of us grow old one day.

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