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Saturday, June 3, 2017

How to reduce white hair?

I can't believe it, I'm barely old enough to be married, yet I'm spotting strains of white hair on my head !!!! Is it due to stress ? This happened to my friend after she studied for her MBA. No more exams for the rest of her life, she said.

But what about me? My work I guess, it's pretty stressful! Then another friend recommended I start taking Taiwan Black, brown rice! Yes, & she swear by it. Her aunt took it & it works ....hmmm..... I've ordered a packet from her.  Not sure where she bought it from, I'm sure you can find it in some organic stalls all over town. Here's how it looks.

Looks like this after cooking
Apparently you just add it to your usual white rice & cook it as per normal in your rice cooker. Well I'll be trying it soon. Just thought I share this information. Can you imagine all the money we can save from dying our hair at the salon !

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