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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Are we becoming heartless, uncaring, unloving people?

Yesterday our usual group plus one new girl went lunch together. On the way to our favorite lunch place, we encounter a group of people asking for donation for a certain cause. These days I noticed we have gotten wary of such activities after the NKF scandal a few years back. We decided to say no, & walk away.

Then during lunch, New Girl 'questioned' our rational for 'not helping'. She spend like 5 solid minutes reducing us to a pile of heartless, uncaring, unloving people. She say we should be compassionate & do things to help others all the time. At this point we kinda looked at "KingKong" , the go-to-guy for such issues

Sure enough, he caught the cue & Said:
"It's silly, if all everyone did was to spend time doing things to help other people.
It's a little like everyone doing each other's ironing. I spend my time doing ironing for you. You spend your time doing ironing for her, she spend her time doing ironing for me -"
What I mean is , wouldn't it be much simpler & less messy if we spent at least some of the time doing our own ironings for ourselves, so that other people wouldn't have to do them for us?

New Girl is now pretty pissed off with KingKong Looks like lunching days with us is over for her.


  1. So Snow, you don't donate to anything at all ? Just curious :)

    1. Oh ... I do help people but I do it directly. For example to those street musicians, I especially like them, they bring much needed joy. Old ladies selling things etc...
      It might not be much, but at least I know my money is not going to support some 'already rich' management's high flying life style.

  2. I buy tissue paper from aunties & uncles :))

  3. I still buy 'flags' & donate to whoever stops me on the street or at traffic lights.
    But at the back of my mind, I do always 'wonder' how much would these money go to the charities & how much to the "admin"!